Ownership and Competition history of the 'black & white car'

CD-3000 Austin Healey 3000 1966 (BJ8)

The 1974 Oran Park 6 Hour Relay Race

The second '6 hour relay race' contested by the Austin Healey Owners Club NSW, was at Oran Park, Sydney on 30th March, 1974. Wal's diary indicates that he had run a taller diff - and could only manage to circulate around 61 seconds - effectively only being able to use top on the main straight. Despite this, the team still managed to come second on Handicap.

The 1974 Oran Park Austin Healey Owners Club NSW team (Team number 3) comprised:

Car : Chris Gray driving an Austin Healey 100/S bodied 100/4
Car C: Wally Gates driving the black & white Austin Healey 3000
Car : Barry Birch driving an Austin Healey 100/4
Car : Peter Hopwood driving an Austin Healey 3000.

The black & white car coming onto the main straight at Oran Park. Photo courtesy Wally Gates.

Click the highlighted links below for the black & white cars history during each era of ownership. If you have any old 'Racing Car News' or AutoAction magazines from this era - or copies of the race results for any of these events - I'd love to hear from you...

The ownership and competition history of the black & white car

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