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Austin Healey 3000 MKIIIA BJ8 1966 - the black & white car. A backgroundless picture by Darren Hodgson

The 'black & white' car CD-3000

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Looking for parts for your Austin Healey? You can't go past these specialist Austin Healey suppliers:

Denis Welch is the undisputed 'guru' of Healey racing. Dennis & Jeremy can supply all the high performance 'bits' to make your Healey go, stop and handle - by mailorder. Winner of more Healey races than even Denis can remember - his winning drives at Mt Panorama, Bathurst, Australia in Oct 1998 were legendary!


AH Spares is probably the oldest supplier of all kinds of Healey components, to original specifications, having been founded by Fred Draper after the Donald Healey Motor Company ceased trading. Nowdays, AH Spares also supply parts internationally by Mailorder. You can even order from their website!! Always prompt & courteous - even to customers like me 12,000 miles away!


Rob Rowlands and his team at the Healey Factory - located in Sunny Victoria - are always helpful. Many Healey items are now remanufactured here in Australia due to Rob's efforts. Rob was also huge help in organising and motivating the Victorian competitors for the 1998 Healey International Commemorative Races at Bathurst

Need some photographs of your Healey? Trying to find period photographs of your racing car? Try these guys:

The Lance J Ruting Photographic Collection is now available on line from David Blanch's Autopics. This is a wonderful historical resource - Lance J Ruting and David Blanch had taken photographs at many Australian race meetings 1964 - 1996. This archive of Australian Motor racing photographs is a fantastic resource to help you verify the competition history, and 'period presentation' of your 'historic' car. Thanks again to both David Blanch and Ian Blake - who spent many hours looking through proof sheets with me during my research on the black & white car's history.


DH PHOTO Darren Hodgson's Motorsport photography. Darren is an accredited CAMS Photographer, and takes pictures at many NSW Club motorsport and race events - he'll be at most 2001 NSW race meetings. Darren also designs very professional websites - check out Darren's own website. Darren is a digital wiz - he also created the digital 'line drawings' of my car which you've seen all over this website (there is a big version at the bottom of this page!) Thanks again Darren!



I really love that phrase from Marshall's website! Marshall has a very professional website - but rather than using a logo - I've used his 'quote' as a link! Marshall is an accredited CAMS Photographer, and - given the geography - I still don't understand how Marshall attends so many NSW race meetings - Marshall lives in Queensland!

My sincere thanks to all of these professional photographers for providing me with permission to reproduce their Copyright© photographs on my website. They aren't just good photographers - they are also great blokes!!

I've used many products on my Healey - but I find these particular products are really outstanding:

If you buy your engine oil in a supermarket - then I'd hate to shatter your illusions.... but.... if you own a Healey - I think you should seriously check this oil out. The Healey Gearbox & Overdrive share the same oil - and the design manages to combine a 'wet' (overdrive) clutch, a Hydraulic system (for overdrive operation), and syncromesh (and obviously - gears meshing!). Red Line have actually designed a range of gear oils for this type of application. Check it out - Red Line Oil isn't cheap - but either was my Healey Gearbox & overdrive rebuild.... I wouldn't even think of changing back to any of the other 4 brands I tried before I found Red Line...


Remember the old adage "as exciting as watching paint dry"? Whoever dreamed that one up had obviously never watched brush applied POR-15 drying... Seriously - you can brush this stuff on, late at night in your garage, while its raining outside.... You get a fantastic 'permanent' finish - and it looks like it was sprayed in a booth!!!. All the suspension, engine, gearbox, Diff carrier, diff banjo, brakes (pedals, booster, calipers, backing plates), exhaust system, and all the gloss black ancillary items on the black & white car are painted with Permanent Painted Coatings products.


I am currently a member of the following Clubs which cater for cars designed by Donald Healey:

The Austin Healey Owner's Club of NSW Inc. was founded in 1969. The Club Patron is Ross Bond. AHOC is an 'Owner's Club' in the strict sense of the words - you must be an owner, or an ex owner, of a big Healey in order to join.


I joined the Sprite Car Club of Australia back in 1978 - when I bought my first Austin Healey Sprite. I have now been a member continiously for over 20 years!! The SCCA is one of the oldest clubs for any of Donald Healey's cars, anywhere in the world. Although I don't currently own a Sprite - I may change that sometime soon... My personal highlight was being presented with the "1999 SCCA Top Associate Driver" Club Trophy, and "3rd - SCCA Driver's Championship 1999" - by Sprite 'legend' John Sprinzel.


I am also a member of the Austin Healey Club USA. As an Australian - I really get no opportunity to participate in any of their USA based events - but I really look forward to receiving my copy of their excellent colour magazine in the mail. Now if only AHCUSA could deliver their magazine by email in PDF format to international subscribers - and reduce their membership cost by the value of the exhorbitant international postal service mail costs.... then all international Healey Club membership financial barriers would be gone!! Wouldn't that be a fantastic benefit of the internet revolution?

Looking for some other great Healey Websites?:

Larry Varley has one of the most comprehensive sites on the Austin Healey 100 that you will ever find. Not only has Larry painstakingly documented the restoration of his own Healey 100 - but his site has also become a 'repository' for some of the most unique Healey items, stories and documents available. The Hunter head, factory drawings, DMD Alloy 3000 block project - they are all here!!


Steve Byers
Austin Healey 3000 MkIII
BJ8 Registry

Steve Byers is the the keeper of the BJ8 model registry. The goal of the Austin Healey 3000 MkIII 'BJ8' registry is to document the current existence and details of as many of the 17,712 BJ8 model Healeys originally manufactured as possible. Register your BJ8 Healey here!

Looking for some other great automotive/ motorsports sites?:

 is a great resource. It's a directory of all sorts of information about allsorts of cars, from all kinds of people. There are some pretty comprehensive listings of Austin Healey sites (complete with a site overview and a national flag to identify country of origin of the site!). Sites are broken down by category - i.e. whether they are commercial, private, clubs, magazines, etc. This resource is well worth a look - and it covers almost every make of car you could imagine in 4 languages (well - I know that it covers all the good pommie ones I'm interested in - in English!!)


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