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Austin Healey 3000 MKIIIA BJ8 1966 - the black & white car A backgroundless picture by Darren Hodgson

The 'black & white' Healey CD-3000
Austin Healey 3000 Mk IIIA 1966 (BJ8)
Site credits and acknowlegements

Many thanks to the past 'custodians' of the black & white car - Ian Morgan, Wally Gates & Mike Holloway
--/-- history must be made before it can be documented --\--

Ian, Wally & Mike have also provided much of the information, pictures, and memorabilia which have made this website possible. I hope my period of custodianship lives up to the standards you guys have set!
Also, thanks to the professional photographers who have kindly given me permission to reproduce their work - Ian Blake from the Lance J Ruting Photographic collection; David Blanch (L.J.Ruting collection & Autopics); Marshall Cass (Marshall Cass Photography); and Darren Hodgson (DH PHOTO). You will find links to their sites on my links page. Thanks to Paul Bradley, from the AHOC South Australia, who sent me some fantastic pics from the Calder 6 hour relay races from the 1970's. And also thanks to the many friends who helped fill in the blanks - with old race programmes, pictures and memories.
Thanks heaps to Darren Hodgson (DH PHOTO) who also created the digital 'line drawings' of my car which appear throughout this website, and the 'backgroundless' photo on the top of this page. I've tried to ensure that every item used on this site has been correctly attributed. However, if you think I've used some of your work without your permission - please email me. If it is your work, I will either correctly acknowledge you, or remove the item(s) from this site. NB. Errors, typos, and poor HTML programming are all my own original work, (as are the stone chips on the black & white car!).

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