The 2001 All British Weekend, Wakefield Park circuit, Goulburn

The "All British Weekend" is a two day event for British Sportscars & British sedans. Under a very un-British bright clear sky, the 3rd annual all British weekend was held on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June, 2001.
The all British weekend was formulated as an event to recreate the sixties atmosphere of sportscar racing, in a relaxed environment, and as a encouragement for more sportscar drivers to bring their cars out and enjoy them on the circuit. Saturday was a Combined Sports Car Association (CSCA) supersprint, run by the Austin Healey Owners Club; while Sunday was a Race meeting for British sportscars and sedans run by Wakefield Park.
Whilst a few wags commented that Goulburn may suffer an environmental disaster of Exon Valdez proportions from such an influx of pommie sportscars - the Morgans, MGs, Triumphs, Jags, Healeys, and Sprites; and sedans from Jaguar, BMC-Morris, and Lotus were all impeccably turned out.
The magnificent weather also ensured a great roll up on Saturday - with nearly 100 entrants in the supersprint. Geoff Williams in his immaculate Morgan Plus 8 (1:11.76) took overall fastest Marque car honours from Rob Rowlands (1:13.38) in his Austin Healey 100/6. Two notable entries were the first, and the last, Austin Healey to race at Le Mans. Joe Armor's recently acquired Le Mans Sprite - the attractive little red alloy bodied coupe built by the Donald Healey Motor Company, was the last Austin Healey to run at Le Mans (in 1968); and NOJ-392 - the Sell family owned prototype Austin Healey 100 was the first Austin Healey entry at Le Mans back in 1953.
Sunday's programme was a full day of racing and regularity events - with All MG races, All Austin Healey races, All British Sportscar races, and All British Sedan races. There were also All British and All MG regularity events.
The first event on the programme after the mornings practice was the 1st of 3 All Healey races. The Healeys run on a Group S control radial tyre/ rim combination - providing a more level playing field. Stuart Brigden - driving the red Healey 100/6 that Peter Hopwood had driven so superbly at Bathurst's 1998 Healey International Commemorative race - put his stamp of dominance on the Healey events for the day. Brigden not only set the fastest Healey qualifying time of 1:11.24 for pole position - he led all three Healey races from pole for 3 wins. Rob Rowlands was consistently smooth for 3 second places, and Brian Weston (Spridget) managed two thirds to take the honours as top Sprite driver. Paul Freestone came home in 3rd place in the final Healey race to make it an all big Healey podium. The 'Ross Bond Interstate Challenge trophy' was retained by NSW, who narrowly defeated the strong Victorian challenge by sheer weight of competitors.

This excerpt race report, and several of the pictures on this page, were
first published (in edited form) in 'Australian Motorsports News'.
This event report - and the pictures at the bottom of this page - by Chris Dimmock

Turn one, the Black & white car leads Peter Mohassci's Midget....
My wheels were clean before practice - look at the brake dust!
Photo Copyright© DH PHOTO. Reproduced with permission

On the back straight. Peter and I were that close (or closer) for 7 laps. Several of our lap
times were identical, including a 1:16.40 (in Regularity) - a new personal best for both of us!.
Photo courtesy Tony Studans

Austin Healey Owners Club



All British Weekend Fastest laptimes - AHOC Healey Drivers






Healey Model



Stuart Brigden




Rob Rowlands (Vic) 




Peter Jackson

3000 Mk III



Paul Freestone




Geoff Leake (Vic)




Hardy Kuhn (Vic)

3000 Mk I



Chris Dimmock

3000 Mk IIIA



Peter Williams (Vic)

3000 Mk I



Mike Gunnell

3000 Mk 1



Joe Armor

Le Mans Sprite



Ian Hancock




Cam Sell

NOJ - Prototype



Jeff Newey

3000 Mk III



Col Goldsmith




Ned McGovern




Here are some Healey pics from the 'All British Race Meeting'.
I took these during the All Healey race for the Ross Bond Interstate Challenge Trophy.

Ok - so is this a new Victorian strategy?
Peter Williams exits the gurgler backwards...
Photo by Chris Dimmock

Race one - turn one - Stuart Brigden leads the way from Rob Rowlands.
Photo by Chris Dimmock

It didn't take the spridget drivers long to work out that the tight inside line at the gurgler,
(and the right hander onto the back straight) - would be the most opportune passing options.....
Stuart Brigden leads Rob Rowlands, Brian Weston, Brett McManus and Peter Jackson
Photo by Chris Dimmock

More history of the black & white car

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