Ownership and Competition history of the 'black & white car'

CD-3000 Austin Healey 3000 1966 (BJ8)

The Wally Gates eras: 1973 - 1978 and 1987 - 1994

Wally Gates has had the longest association with the Black & white car. Wal was the third (and, later, the fifth!!) owner (or 'custodian') of the black & white car. Wally was a deputy Headmaster at a Primary School, and been a car enthusiast for many years when he bought the black & white Healey in 1973. It wasn't Wal's first Healey - he had already owned Healeys for many years, and had been racing an Austin Healey 100/4 for 3 seasons. Wally had won the Austin Healey Owner's Club (NSW) "Ross Bond Trophy' in 1971, driving his 'home built' 1954 Healey 100/4 race car - complete with huge flared guards. Wally had first seen the black & white car racing at Warwick Farm (in Ian Morgan's hands) in mid 1969 - and had remarked at the time "...imagine being able to afford to race a nice new (1966) Healey like that...".

Wal kept a complete, handwritten logbook of his time with the black & white car - and copies of most of his race entry lists/ results - and most of his memorabilia (like the 1976 6 Hour relay sticker and these 'Drivers arm patches' from the 1973 Calder 6 hour race, and the 1974 Oran Park 6 Hour race)- so this part of the black & white cars' history is very well documented (thanks Wal!!). Wally had agreed to purchase the car from Ian on 27th April, 1973, and took delivery on 27th May, 1973. Wal had already arranged the rego transfer from ADY-151 to his personalised number plates WG-218. The black & white Healey 3000 had 43,514 miles on the odometer when Wally purchased it, and came with all Ian's racing bits - wheels/ Detroit Locker diff etc. (I told you Wally had documented everything!!).

1973 - 1978.

A summary of Wally Gates' competition history
in the black & white Austin Healey 3000 BJ8.



Type of meeting

Results & links



Morgan Club - standing 1/4 mile drag

3rd in class


Oran Park

MG Car Club lap dash



Oran Park

Private practice for 6hr relay

Accident at dog leg - rear drivers guard/corner.


Calder Motor Raceway, VIC

6 Hour relay race

Wal did 180 laps in 4 stints. Click here for more information, race pictures, & programme


Amaroo Hillclimb




Oran Park

6 Hour relay race

2nd on Handicap, 3rd outright. Click here for more information, race pictures, & programme


Calder Motor Raceway, VIC

6 Hour relay race

Car #3E Click here for more information, race pictures, & programme

Jan 1975 - Feb 1976


Wal transferred to Ireland as an exchange teacher - car left on blocks in Sydney and unused for 13 months.

56,438 miles odometer



Club - standing 1/4 mile drag

Class win, 3rd outright


Amaroo Park

Private practice for AARC meet



Amaroo Park

AARC Race Meeting

Prod Sports race - events 1, 9 & 14. Car #12


Oran Park

MG closed race meeting

3 races - Best lap 56.0


Oran Park

CAMS Open Race Meeting

3 races (events 3, 9, 15)- best lap 55.6. Car #17


Oran Park Nth

Lap Dash

1st in class


Amaroo Park

AARC Race Meeting

Best lap 67.7 Car #17



6 Hour Relay race

Wal raced for 4 of the 6 hours, and used 2 3/4 tanks of fuel. Team was 7th outright. Car #4D Click here for more information, race pictures, & programme


Amaroo Park

AARC Race Meeting

Events 7 & 10, Car #5


Warringah Mall

AHOC Donald Healey display

DMH presented Wally with the "Donald Healey Tour Australia - 1977 - Best Austin Healey" trophy. Click here for Pictures of the Donald Healey display & the Donald Healey trophy


Amaroo Park

AARC Race Meeting

Car #19


Amaroo Park

6 Hour relay race - Straight Talk Tyres

Wal completed 190 of the teams 295 laps. Team was first on Handicap. Car #8A. Click here for Racing car news report and pictures


Amaroo Park

AARC Race Meeting

Car #18


Oran Park

AHOC Lap Dash

Best lap 59.3

Wally sold the black & white Healey to Mike Holloway in Victoria, in May 1978 with an Odometer reading of 63,971 miles.

Wally bought the black & white car back from Mike Holloway on 22 April, 1987. It was registered (VIC) AGW-783, and the Odometer reading leaving Mike's place in Melbourne was 73,252 miles - (73,976 miles parked in Wal's garage). Wal spent several months going over the car, and getting it ready for a full 'pit inspection' (required for re registration in NSW). New pistons & bearings were fitted to the engine, the exhaust system was repaired & reworked, and the car had a thorough going over. On 7th October, 1987 the car was registered in NSW as WG-3000. Wal used the car primarily as weekend road car from this point onwards (covering under 2,000 miles over the next few years), and didn't use it in a speed event again. I bought the car off Wally on 31.12.1994 (odometer reading 75,800 - precisely!), by which time the rego had been lapsed and the car had been stored for several years.

"Cornerstone of the AHOC victory was Wally Gates' 3000,
here leading Dave Henderson into Mazda House" Pic: Mike Harding
From 'Racing Car News' June 1977, Amaroo 6 Hour Relay report.

Click the highlighted links below for more history of the black & white car. If you have any old 'Racing Car News' or 'Australian Auto Action' magazines covering any of the above events - or copies of the race results - I'd love to hear from you...

The ownership and competition history of the black & white car

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