Is this an Austin Healey 3000 MK IIIA BJ8 ?
No, it's 'Junior' - the detailed and driveable
half car sized model.
.... it's accurate too - except Junior won't leak oil ....
The difference between men and boys
USED to be the size of their toys...

Just when your wife thought all your toys lived in the garage
- here's a great toy you could even park inside!

Junior looks like a real healey except the 'driver' is only 6 years old!!

After hundreds of hours of measurement, mould making, and painstakingly detailed handcrafting,
Colin Rule has produced a driveable model. Unlike most models - 'Junior' actually goes!.
It is powered by a strong electric motor, and is even robust enough for 'Dad' to sit on and drive.

Looks like a Healey in the driveway

From this angle - it looks like there's an Austin Healey 3000 Mk IIIA BJ8 parked in the driveway...

Junior has opening bonnet (hood) and boot

Bonnet (hood) and bootlid both open.....

Just like the dashboard in a real one!

.... it even has a burl walnut look dash & fully trimmed interior...

Looks great, doesn't it!! Now - lets put Junior into perspective....

Junior is half the size of Dad's BJ8

Here's Junior parked beside my Austin Healey 3000 Mk IIIA BJ8

Junior is pretty strong too!

Children can sit 'in' the 'proper' trimmed front bucket seats
to drive Junior - but 'big kids' (like Colin!) sit 'on' the rear '+2' seats.
Got a better idea of the scale now?....

Rebecca is looking pretty comfortable in Junior... I wonder how I'll get her out??

My 6 year old daughter Rebecca - one of the elite "authorised Junior test pilots"!

The 'Junior' is the product of Colin Rule, Coolibah Convertibles - recognised by many as one of Australia's foremost Austin Healey restorers. Colin himself has been a big Healey owner for most of the past 33 years. Coolibah Convertibles has been a 'Austin Healey only' restoration business, on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia (about 1 hour North of Sydney) for the past 15 years. Many concourse winning cars in Australia are testimony to Colin's workmanship. Colin restored my 'black & white' Healey 3000 BJ8 depicted on the rest of this website - and Colin also owns the ex-Ross Bond Healey 3000.

2005 UPDATE: Colin Rule is now making a full racing Healey inspired Go Kart, based on the Ross Bond Healey; the Junior 3000GT Racing Go Kart. Email .

Rebecca in Junior

Rebecca's dad in his real BJ8

Personally - I think the 'Junior' is absolutely fantastic
but now Rebecca wants one !!
...painted ivory over black, with minilites, and triple webers... just like Dad's 3000!

Where would you like to go now?

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