Ownership and Competition history of the 'black & white car'

Austin Healey 3000 1966 (BJ8)

The Ian Morgan era: 1969 - 1973.

The second owners (or 'custodians') of the black & white car were Ian & Judy Morgan. Ian was a professional photographer, and a very successful businessman. Ian Morgan bought the car from John Thomsons during mid 1968, for his wife Judy. The previous owner kept his personalised number plates AT 118, and the black & white car was now registered ADY 151. By late 1968, Ian had met up with Ross Bond - who had been racing his Austin Healey regularly since 1964. One thing led to another, and soon Ian was spending a lot of time at race meetings with Ross Bond.

The "Austin Healey Owner's Club of NSW" was formed around this time - after a Race Meeting at Oran Park.

The founding Committee of this newly formed AHOC NSW club was:
President: Ross Bond
Vice President & Editor: David Mould
Club Photographer: Ian Morgan
Sec/Treasurer: Warwick Sell
Public Relations: Don Read

The first newsletter of the club was published in April, 1969 - by which time there were 32 financial members.

The nett effect of all this was that the black & white car evolved from being 'Judy's car' to 'Ian's car on Sunday' - and Ian had it on the race circuit (still in standard form) for private practice in early 1969 (best lap 58.6 according the first AHOC Newsletter). A CAMS Logbook was issued on 25th March, 1969, and Ian was ready for 'their' first race meeting in April 1969. Judy still got to drive 'her' car on weekdays - most often with a bassinet in the footwell... but for Ian - the racing bug had now bit.... and the car was now 'his' on weekends.....

Ian Morgan's first private Practice session - Oran Park, early (around February) 1969.

Pictures courtesy Ian Morgan Photography.

By now, Ian had already given the Healey to Ken Webb to prepare. Ken had been responsible for race preparation and development of Ross Bond's Healey 3000 for the past 5 years (and prior to that, Ross' MGA). Ross & Ken's long association and efforts had put them at the pinnacle of Production Sportscar racing in NSW - having just won the 1968 'AKAI Production Sportscar Championship Series'. Ross & Ian were now good friends; Ken Webb was preparing both Healey 3000's, and Ross & Ian were the only two Austin Healey 3000's racing regularly in Sydney in 1969. Almost by default, Ian and the black & white car became the 'second car' in the 'Ross Bond Racing team'. The first race meeting in which Ian entered the black & white car was the National Race meeeting at Oran Park on Sunday 20th April, 1969. By April 1969, the 'obvious appearance changes' - full width 'Bond' (Colin - not Ross!) roll bar, dash mounted second tacho, leather/alloy sports steering wheel had all been fitted.

The final result of Ian's efforts in the 1969 season?

Ian and the black & white car became the inaugural winners of the

AHOC NSW Club Competition Championship trophy

Ian used the car regularly for 'weekend motorsport', until April 1973 - when Ian sold the car to Wally Gates.

During their 4 years of 'custodianship', Ian (and Judy!) won another 12 trophies between them in the black & white car. Judy mostly drove the car on weekdays, and Ian 'mostly' got to drive it on Sundays. I say 'mostly' because there are always exceptions to any rule.... Judy occasionally got to drive her car on Sundays too - and she won a trophy at a 'Combined Sports Car Association' (CSCA) event at Castlereagh Drags, on Sunday 12th March 1972!!. The trophy inscription reads 'Fastest lady of the day' - which Judy thought was a contradiction in terms!! Ian and Judy very generously gave me all of the trophies they had won in the black & white car, when I visited them in 1998. They felt that the trophies, and this part of their life, belonged with the 'custodian' of the black & white car.

Thanks to Ian & Judy Morgan, Ian Blake from the Lance J Ruting Photographic collection, Wally Gates, and many other friends, I have managed to accumulate much of the supporting literature, programmes, tickets and photographs of the black & white car's racing history from the 1969 season. The period 1970 - 1973 is based on trophys. I'm sure Ian competed in more events - but I know he at least at competed in the events listed - because I have the trophies!!....

Click the highlighted links below for the programmes, pictures etc. from each race nominated meeting... If you have any old 'Racing Car News' magazines from this era - or copies of the race results - I'd love to hear from you...

1969 - 1973.

A summary of Ian Morgan's competition history

in the black & white Austin Healey 3000 BJ8.



Type of meeting

More information / results


Oran Park

NSWRRC National Open Meeting

Click here for more information, & programme.


Oran Park

NSWRRC National Open Meeting

Click here for more information, race pictures and programme.


Warwick Farm

AARC Member's Race Meeting

Click here for more information, race pictures and programme.


Oran Park

NSWRRC National Open Meeting

Click here for more information, race pictures and programme.

Nov 1969

Mitchell Park

AHOC Club Motokhana

Click here for more information, race pictures and programme.


Amaroo Park


Trophy - 1st Austin Healey



AHOC Motorkhana

Trophies - class winner; & outright winner



AHOC Concours de Elegance

Trophy - most improved 3000


Oran Park

AHOC - South circuit sprints

Trophy - Fastest Austin Healey 3000 59.4 secs


Amaroo Hillclimb

Morgan Owner's Club Aust Hillclimb

Trophy - Fastest Austin Healey 3000



AHOC Hillclimb

Trophy - Fastest Austin Healey 3000



Morgan Owner's Club Aust Standing 1/4 mile drags

Trophies - Fastest Lady: Judy 16.4 Secs. Fastest 3000 Ian 15.6 secs




Trophies: Class winner - Sports Racing over 1600cc; Fastest 3000 26.05 secs.


Silverdale Hillclimb

AHOC Hillclimb

3rd outright from 38 starters; 2nd in class. Ian had an incident during his last run (drivers front guard). Best run was 41.48 secs.


The 1969 competition history of the black & white car

The ownership and competition history of the black & white car

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